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Buggins Insect Repellents

Buggins Insect Repellents offer something for every kind of adventure, whether you’re lounging on a patio or trekking into the wild.

What retail stores sell BUGG Products?

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Note: Not every retailer carries all of our products. Please call the retailer to verify they carry the BUGG product you desire.

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I'm traveling to a tropical paradise, what insect repellent should I bring?

We recommend you travel with either or both of our DEET based BUGGINS Performance and BUGGINS Extreme insect repellents. This will provide you with the most protection against biting and annoying insects in varying conditions.

As a general vacation rule, we recommend one (1) bottle per person per week.

See this article for more info.

Do natural products works against mosquitoes and ticks?

Original insect repellent products are identified in the industry as 25(b) products. These are insect repellents that do not require registration with the Environmental Protection Agency.

For protection against mosquitoes and ticks, use either of our DEET based insect repellents, BUGGINS Performance or BUGGINS No Fragrance Added.

For further information regarding the effectiveness of natural 25(b) products vs. EPA registered products , see this article.

Fragrance Allergies?

BUGGINS Insect Repellent IV No Fragrance Added is the only Insect Repellent in the country listed by The American Contact Dermatitis Society (ACDS) as approved for use by people with fragrance allergies.

The Contact Allergen Management Program (CAMP) system is a service provided to the ACDS members and lists products approved for use by individuals with allergic reactions to fragrances.

What is the latest guidance on 25(b) efficacy testing?

The 25(b) Workgroup has provided updated guidance on efficacy testing requirements for 25(b) products making claims for mosquito and tick repellency. Click here to review the latest information.

BUGG Products Safety Data Sheets

Click here to find BUGGINS and BUGGSLAYER Safety Data Sheets.

Buggslayer Insecticides

Buggslayer Insecticides help you win the battle against insect invaders in and out of your home.

When is the optimum time to apply BUGGSLAYER?

BUGGSLAYER is a residual killer that once applied, will stay on rain or shine for many weeks, often longer. As a Minnesota company, we treat our houses around mid-September and again around mid-May every year. Keeping this in mind, and depending on your region of the country, any time you are seeing bugs it is a great time to apply BUGGSLAYER.

How long does BUGGSLAYER last?

BUGGSLAYER Outdoor Concentrate is a residual killer that once applied, will stay on rain or shine for many weeks, often longer.

BUGGSLAYER Indoor Ready To Use lasts for many weeks and against German cockroaches it can last up to twelve months.

How far in advance of forecasted rain should BUGGSLAYER be applied?

When applying BUGGSLAYER, as long as the product has the opportunity to dry completely, rain will not wash it away or reduce its effectiveness.

What ratio should I mix BUGGSLAYER Concentrate?

For perimeter pests such as ants, spiders, box elder bugs, stink bugs and Asian lady beetles you should mix in the ratio of 4 oz (8 tbsp) of BUGGSLAYER concentrate to 1 gallon of water.

For lawn pests such as ticks, ants, crickets, fleas and chiggers you should mix in the ratio of 2.5 oz (5 tbsp) per 1 gallon of water.

For plant pests such as ticks, armyworms, beetles, gnats, and grasshoppers you should mix in the ratio of 1.5 oz (3 tbsp) per 1 gallon of water.

Will BUGGSLAYER stain my vinyl siding?

BUGGSLAYER will not stain your siding. It is a water-based, odorless, non-staining formula that is also EPA-registered for use on siding.

I applied BUGGSLAYER yesterday and today there are bugs crawling where I sprayed. Why?

The bugs you sprayed yesterday are most certainly dead. The insects you see today are new ones that either walked or flew in, and when they come in contact with areas you’ve sprayed, they will die within a few hours. BUGGSLAYER is a contact killer and insects that enter the treated area will die within a few hours.

Can BUGGSLAYER be used around pets and children?

After it dries, you can let children and pets enter the treated area.

Can I use a dial type hose end sprayer or pressure washer to apply BUGGSLAYER?

BUGGSLAYER is not formulated for use in pressure washers or dial type hose end sprayer systems.

For BUGGSLAYER Outdoor Concentrate, we recommend a portable pump sprayer which gives a controlled spray that will provide excellent coverage without causing run-off.

If you can’t reach your eaves with the wand or you don’t have a pump type sprayer, use our hose-end BUGGSLAYER insecticide Ready-to-Spray product. It has a two way action (fan-spray or 25-foot jet stream) and gives the proper mix ratio.

BUGG Products Safety Data Sheets

Click here to find BUGGINS and BUGGSLAYER Safety Data Sheets.

BUGG Products Return Policy

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