BUGGSLAYER outdoor insecticide concentrate hose-end 16oz


16 fl oz

DON’T CALL AN EXTERMINATOR! Save money with Do-It-Yourself Home Pest Control.

BuggSlayer Insecticide is a concentrated residual insecticide EPA registered to kill multi-colored Asian lady beetles.
It also provides excellent control of stink bugs and box elder bugs.

    • Water-based, odorless and non-staining (even on SIDING)
    • Connect to garden hose and you are Ready-To-Spray!
    • Fan spray for foundations, perimeter and siding. Twist nozzle to produce a jet stream that will shoot 25 feet up to eaves, soffits and window frames
    • Fixed dilution rate treats 10,000 square feet – plenty for most homes
    • No measuring, no mixing, pump sprayer not needed
    • Specifically formulated for OUTDOOR use – will not wash away and lasts for several weeks
    • 1 x 16 fl oz bottle

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