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BUGGINS Extreme Mosquito, Tick and Biting Fly Repellent No Fragrance Added – 25% DEET + 2 Fly Repellents


4 fl oz


BUGGINS Insect Repellent V features two fly repellents plus 25% DEET and no fragrance added.

BUGGINS Extreme is the only Insect Repellent in the country listed by The American Contact Dermatitis Society (ACDS) as approved for use by people with fragrance allergies.

Repels: mosquitoes, biting flies (stable flies, no-see-ums, deer flies, horse flies and black flies), ticks, chiggers, gnats and fleas

Available in: 4 oz (32401)

Formerly known as BuggSpray No Fragrance for Biting Flies

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