Buggins Insect Repellents

Buggins Insect Repellents offer something for every kind of adventure, whether you’re lounging on a patio or trekking into the wild.

Natural/ORIGINAL Vanilla Mint Rose

BUGGINS 4oz pump and BUGGINS 6oz continuous spray (same formula*)

BUGGINS Natural/BUGGINS Original
BUGGINS Natural/BUGGINS Original Insect Repellent are the exact same formula.  Both feature a soft vanilla scent and a proprietary blend of essential oils. This formula is not sticky or greasy and is ideal for use on the whole family.

Repels: gnats (including buffalo gnats, bull gnats & turkey gnats), no-see-ums and flies

* Contains 0.1% sodium benzoate as a preservative

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BUGGINS Natural/Original video

DEET-free, plant-based formula ideal for the whole family to use

Performance Clean Scent

BUGGINS Insect Repellent IV Performance
BUGGINS Insect Repellent IV features a fresh, pleasant scent and 25% DEET.

Repels: mosquitoes, biting flies (stable flies, no-see-ums, deer flies, horse flies and black flies), ticks, chiggers, gnats and fleas

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BUGGINS Performance video

Ideal for everyday backyard activities



Due to our inability to source one of the raw materials for BUGGINS V Extreme, this sku has been discontinued.


Ideal for camping and extreme outdoor activities