Don’t Let Insects Ruin Your Beach Vacation

You’ve spent months planning the perfect vacation to the Caribbean, Tahiti or some other beautiful island getaway. Do you want to enjoy the sand and surf or spend time swatting at bugs? BUGGINS Insect Repellents can save the day and keep a smile on your face while the sun and the surf work their magic. Continue reading to determine how much bug spray to bring on your trip.

What Bugs Might You Encounter?
Here are some sample destinations and their typical insect pests.

French Polynesia (Tahiti, Bora Bora) – no-see-ums which the locals call no-no’s (sand flies), mosquitoes and biting flies

Belize – no-see-ums (sand flies), mosquitoes and biting flies

Bahamas – no-see-ums (sand flies), mosquitoes and ticks

What BUGGINS Insect Repellent Should You Bring?
We recommend you bring both of our DEET based repellents with you on your trip, BUGGINS Performance and BUGGINS Extreme. This will allow you to have options based on the time of year and current possible insect conditions during your trip. Both of these insect repellents are effective against the types of biting and annoying bugs you may encounter.

How Much Bug Spray Do You Need To Bring On Your Trip?
The general rule we recommend is about one bottle per person per week. But it is good to have extra. You may need to share it when everyone sees how well it works! For two people taking a one week vacation, one bottle of BUGGINS Performance and one bottle of BUGGINS Extreme should suffice.

Remember, our BUGGINS Insect Repellents should be in your checked luggage. We recommend placing the bottles in a zip loc bag for extra protection from potential leaks.

Enjoy your vacation to paradise bug free with BUGGINS Insect Repellents!

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