BUGGSLAYER outdoor insecticide concentrate 8oz


8 fl oz (makes 2-5 gallons)

BuggSlayer Insecticide is a concentrated residual insecticide EPA registered to kill multi-colored Asian Lady Beetles. It also provides excellent control of Box Elder Bugs.

  • Water-based, odorless and non-staining (even on SIDING)
  • Contains microscopic crystals with binding agents that make it stick to outdoor surfaces
  • Pour 4 oz of product to one gallon of water in your garden-type pump-up sprayer
  • Specifically formulated for OUTDOOR use – will not wash away and lasts for several weeks
  • Contains 1.0% Deltamethrin – an insect killer found in the extract of chrysanthemum flowers
  • Kills over 50 insect pests including many crawling and flying insects
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