Buggslayer Insecticide Concentrate Crawling Insects

Active Ingredients:
Deltamethrin 1.0%.
Other Ingredients 99.0%.

Directions for Use
It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. READ ENTIRE LABEL PRIOR TO USING THIS PRODUCT. Care should be taken at all times to avoid contact with undiluted product. Food utensils, such as spoons and measuring cups, must not be used for food purposes after use in measuring pesticides. Do not allow children or pets on treated areas until spray has dried. Non-staining where water alone does not stain.

General Information
This product is designed for use in typical spray equipment such as a hand pump-up sprayer or spray bottle. Spray equipment use directions: BUGGSLAYER is intended to be mixed with water and applied outdoors with pressurized sprayers or a pump spray bottle. Use the Dilution Rate table, fill sprayer with 1/2 of required amount of water, add the appropriate amount of BUGGSLAYER liquid concentrate then add remaining water. Close sprayer and thoroughly rinse outside of container and spray equipment with water. Shake well before application. When/where to spray: To avoid drift, spray on calm days. DO NOT spray near streams or rivers as this product is toxic to aquatic life. DO NOT spray food crops. DO NOT spray plants in the middle of the day in hot summer weather (i.e. above 85°F) as spray may burn the plants. For best results, spray when insects or damage are first observed. ALLOW SPRAY TO THOROUGHLY DRY ON LAWN BEFORE PERMITTING ANIMALS OR CHILDREN TO ENTER TREATED AREA.